How did you get here?

Well. It's like this. The Lazy Squirrel is a fairly relaxed approach to experimenting with self-hosting and Docker applications and you might get a few clues from here as that's where I started to learn a bit more and challenge myself. But I am lazy. So if it just about works then yes, I am a happy squirrel.

There may be a few from homelabos who want to test and document parts of the project and you're very welcome. I am a Lazy Squirrel so I'll happily tell you what I've learnt but I am not a fountain of wisdom or particularly skilled or educated in this stuff but hey, lets try something new.

If the wheels fall off at any time or things break, such is the way of the Bumblebee. He tries. He really does. He's really trying.

Stay safe and indoors. Eat well. Get some sleep. Be nice to animals.

To quote the great philosopher Henry's Cat:

"He knows everything about nothing, and not very much about that"

Those who wish to delve slightly deeper into the Fediverse and Activity Pub testing on this site or otherwise seek 'clues' then there is a Zulip forum here but I'd prefer to have been introduced first..

I'm open to anyone who wants to do some guest writing.

Lazy Squirrel & Bumblebee.

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