Docker Jul 16, 2020
Docker Simplified: A Hands-On Guide for Absolute Beginners
by Shahzan Whether you are planning to start your career in DevOps, or you are already into it, if you do not have Docker listed on your resume, it’s undoubtedly time for you to think about it, as Docker is one of the critical skill for anyone who is into DevOps arena. In this post, I will try my …

The Lazy Squirrel would like it to be known that part of being a lazy squirrel is the tendency to never bother with reading the instructions. A typical lazy squirrel would start by peeling the lid off a docker app and peering inside with curiosity at the squirming brains therein, pulling out an interesting nut and then running off when it breaks.

For everyone more sensible, there are some good guides.

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