applications Jul 16, 2020
PeerTube, an ActivityPub-federated video streaming platform using P2P directly in your web browser.

The Bumblebee has some odd musical tastes so it's all his fault really.

It's kind of incredible it works at all really. He's pretty incompetent. I mean, he has it working, then he breaks it, then he realised it was working before he broke it, then he forgot what he did that had it working before he broke it and so on for many an evening..Peertube's own website seems broken at the moment so hey, we're all in the dark here.

The Bumblebee is happy to share a working docker-compose.yml incantation but you are honestly better off asking someone who  knows what they are doing first.

Peertube is however a very interesting and valid project and hurrah to the developers, it's a brilliant piece of work but clearly still in progress.

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